Why Adams Architecture


Thank you for your interest in Adams Architecture. We appreciate your consideration. We are dedicated to providing you the best in architectural services to help make the home building process enjoyable and memorable.

We believe that building a home is a team effort. Our goal is to work with you to make the process the positive experience it should be. A home is often the culmination of your dreams, and watching those dreams take form and become a reality is an exciting process.

Designing and building a custom home is much more than just buying another nice house because it is yours - from beginning to end, top to bottom, start to finish. It should reflect you, your values, and your lifestyle. We place a high value in listening carefully to our client’s desires to create the type of home you want. We never lose sight of the fact that this is your home.

We have had the privilege of designing homes for clients with a wide variety of backgrounds. We know how to respond to your specific needs, desires, and budget. We can balance the multiple concerns of size, cost, aesthetics, and function while working with you to prioritize your needs to make your home everything you dreamed it could be.

As part of the architectural process, we include several services that contribute to making the design of your new home smoother, interactive, and even fun. For example, we encourage our clients to complete an architectural survey that we have prepared. This survey goes beyond simply listing how many rooms are included to how you live in your home, which is essential to any truly successful architectural solution. Finally, should we have the opportunity to work together, you will be working directly with me the entire time (not a subordinate).

Architecture and construction are team activities and should be approached as such. We value our strong relationship with a select group of builders in the area that are also committed to a team approach. We believe that a successful project is the direct result of strong, productive relationships between the owner, architect, and builder (as well as the interior designer, landscape architect, etc., if applicable). These relationships are nurtured by clear communications, mutually understood expectations, and dedication to providing quality in all that we do. We have the training, experience, and vision to maximize your construction dollar and ease the entire design and construction process. We can help you define your needs, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable investment. At Adams Architecture, we don’t just design four walls and a roof – we create complete environments that are functional and exciting places to live.

Again, we appreciate your consideration and the opportunity. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call or drop me an email.